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Occasional Lectures and Consultations

J-1s whose category is Professor or Research Scholar may participate in occasional lectures and short-term consultations if authorized to do so by International Support Services. Such lectures and consultations must be incidental to the J-1 Scholar’s primary program activities. If wages or other remuneration is received by the J-1 Scholar for such activities, he or she must act as an independent contractor, and the following criteria and procedures must be satisfied:

The occasional lectures or short-term consultations must:

  1. Be directly related to the objectives of the J-1 program;
  2. Be incidental to the J-1 Scholar’s primary program activities;
  3. Not delay the completion date of the J-1 program; and
  4. Be documented in SEVIS (ISS will document in SEVIS)

To obtain authorization to engage in occasional lectures or short-term consultations involving wages or other remuneration, the J-1 Scholar must submit the following to ISS in advance:

  1. A letter from the offeror setting forth the terms and conditions of the offer to lecture or consult, including the duration, number of hours, field or subject, amount of compensation, and description of such activity; and
  2. A letter from the J-1 Scholar’s department head or supervisor recommending such activity and explaining how the activity would enhance the exchange visitor's program.

International Support Services will review the letters submitted by the J-1 Scholar and make a written determination (a letter) whether such activity is warranted, will not interrupt the J-1’s original objective, and satisfies the criteria. 

Once the J-1 Scholar has received this letter from International Support Services, he or she may engage in the activity set forth in the letter and may present the letter to the offeror of the activity as proof of authorization to engage in and be paid for the authorized activity.

For questions regarding criteria and procedures for occasional lectures and short term consultations, please contact International Support Services by email.