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Memoranda Of Understanding (MOU)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a collaborative agreement between two entities, in our case between Virginia Tech and another entity such as another university, a non-governmental organization (NGO) or a private sector organization to cooperate on specific tasks or issues. Virginia Tech has approximately 160 MOUs with organizations around the world, covering student exchange agreements as well as collaborative research ventures.

MOU at Virginia Tech must be reviewed by University Legal Counsel, the Office of Export Control and Secure Research and the Office of Sponsored Programs (if the effort involves a sponsored project) and the Assistant Vice President for Finance. The process is administered by the International Support Services office (ISS) under the direction of the Associate Vice President for International Affairs.

To initiate an MOU, please use the MOU Template below and submit a draft of the MOU to Ian Leuschner. After an initial review the draft will be forwarded to University Legal Counsel. University Legal Counsel will review the draft and apprise the parties of any necessary changes. This review can take up to two weeks. Once the changes have been made, the revised draft is re-submitted to University Legal Counsel for their final review. Once approved by University Legal Counsel, the MOU is returned to ISS for the Associate Vice President for International Affairs’ signature. Four copies of the MOU will be signed. Once those signatures are obtained, the MOU are sent to the Assistant Vice President for Finance for a last review. Once approved by the Assistant Vice President for Finance, the MOU are sent to the President for signature. After the MOU have been signed by the President, they are returned to ISS, who will in then return them to the initiating Virginia Tech party. All copies of the MOU must then be sent to entity with whom the university will be collaborating for signature by its representative. The collaborating entity may keep two copies of the MOU with all the original signatures, and the other two copies should be returned to the university. One copy with all signatures is to be forwarded to Ian Leuschner, and the last copy is to be retained by the initiating Virginia Tech party. ISS will maintain a copy with all original signatures and also upload a copy to the MOU database.

The President of Virginia Tech or a designated representative is the final authority on all MOU entered into by the university.

For further questions regarding MOU, please contact:

Ian Leuschner
Director, ISS
phone: (001)(540) 231-3736

Visit the main MOU page for the MOU template, the Student Exchange Agreement (SEA) template and to search the MOU Database. The database may be searched by country, city, institute name, and year of start date