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H-1B Fees

The H-1B process involves several fees. The total fee amount depends on the type of H-1B petition. In addition, there is a standard H-1B processing fee, paid to ISS, regardless of the type of H-1B request.

The Fees to US Citizenship and Immigration Services

These fees are payable by check. The department cannot request these checks until the H-1B request has been sent to ISS. Once ISS receives the H-1B request, the department contact will receive an email with instructions on how to request the necessary checks. These fees are processed through HokieMart and the instruction email will include the necessary support document to upload in HokieMart.  

  1. $460 - Basic H-1B Filing fee.  Required for all H-1B petitions.
  2. $500 - Fraud Detection and Prevention fee. This fee is only required for the first H-1B petition VT sponsors for a specific person.
  3. $2,500 - Premium Processing fee. This fee is optional and is in addition to the other fees; petitions submitted with Premium Processing are adjudicated within 15 days by USCIS. Depending on the timeline, Premium Processing may be required or recommended by ISS.

The Internal ISS H-1B Processing Fee

Each H-1B petition ISS files with USCIS requires a $700 internal H-1B processing fee. This fee is paid as a Banner budget transfer. Please pay this fee before submitting an H-1B request to ISS; you will need to include the Banner transaction journal number on the ISS Request Form.

A separate transfer is required for each H-1B petition. Each transaction must identify the individual for whom the payment is being made as well as the name of the department. The department has the prerogative to address collection of this fee from the employee, so long as collection of the fee from the employee does not bring his or her salary below the required wage, as determined by ISS.  You must inform ISS in advance if you want to address the collection of this fee from the employee.

Payment may come from either E&G or overhead funding. Payment instructions are as follows:

If using overhead funds please transfer the budget to:

        Fund Code: 233627
        Account Code: 1200
        Transaction Description: H-1B LastName, FirstName – Department

If using E&G funds please transfer the budget to:

        Fund Code: 117583
        Account Code: 1200
        Transaction Description: H-1B LastName, FirstName – Department