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J-1 Student Interns

Student Intern Overview

The J-1 student intern category is used for foreign nationals currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution abroad who are seeking to participate in an internship to fulfill educational objectives of a degree program. Most often the students are pursuing an undergraduate degree but students pursuing graduate degrees are also eligible. The foreign national and the internship program must meet all of the criteria for the J-1 Student Intern category listed on the eligibility and categories page.
Student Intern Fee

International Support Services requires a $100 processing fee for each J-1 Student Intern (including extension applications).  This fee must be paid by the VT Hosting Department as a budget transfer in Banner in advance of ISS processing the J-1 application. Funds must be E&G or Overhead funds and a separate transfer is required for each request.  Each transaction must identify the individual for whom the payment is being made.  Once the transfer has been completed, please print the confirmation and attach to the ISS Request Form as proof of payment. ISS will not start processing until confirmation of payment has been received.

Payment instructions are as follows:

If using E&G funds please transfer the budget to:

        Fund Code: 117583
        Account Code: 1200
        Transaction Description: J-1 Student Intern LAST NAME, First Name

If using overhead funds please transfer the budget to:

        Fund Code:  233627
        Account Code: 1200
        Transaction Description: J-1 Student Intern, LAST NAME, First Name

Please note: . The VT Host Department is responsible for paying the $100 fee to ISS.

Form DS-7002 for Student Interns

In addition to presenting a valid DS-2019, J-1 Student Interns must also present a DS-7002 at the time of their visa application. The DS-7002 and instructions for how to complete it can be downloaded from the forms page.  

Student Intern Evaluations

The Department of State requires that an evaluation be added to the J-1 Student Intern’s file upon completion of the internship.  This evaluation must be completed by the supervisor and student intern.  For internships of 0 – 6 months, only a single evaluation at the end of the internship is required.  For internships lasting longer than 6 months, a mid-point and final evaluation must be completed.  ISS has created an evaluation template which may be used or supervisors and student interns may use another format of their choosing.   The ISS evaluation template is available on the forms page.

For internships of 0 – 6 months, the final evaluation must be submitted to ISS within one week of the end date on the DS-2019.  For internships of more than 6 months, the mid-point evaluation must be submitted within one week of halfway through the internship and the final evaluation must be submitted within one week of the end date on the DS-2019.