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Requesting an Extension

In order to request an extension of your J-1 program, you must submit the following information to International Support Services:

  1. Completed extension form.
  2. New export compliance review.
  3. Proof of additional funding for the extension period for yourself and any dependents.  Funding must be meet the minimum requirements.
  4. Copy of passport.
  5. Copy of current DS-2019 form.
  6. Proof of continuous health insurance coverage.
  7. $100 payment to ISS for the J-1 exchange visitor and a $100 payment for each J-2 dependent is required from the host department.   Payment must be made as a Banner Journal Transfer.

Extensions may be process up to a maximum period of stay allowed by your J-1 category as follows:

  • Short Term Scholar: 6 months
  • Student Intern: 12 months
  • Research Scholar or Professor: 5 years